Got the Joy of Mowing?

I love to mow the lawn!

— Debbie A.

I’ve mowed since 1962! I’ve used a power, push mower, riding mower, Super A tractor, and now a zero-turn mower.

— Rachel W.

 I love mowing the lawn! There’s a sort of Zen quality about it. Then, I grab a cold Yuengling and sit on the deck to relax and enjoy a job well done.

— Deb O.

Hi Joy of Mowing.  I enjoy the site so much…makes my day so pleasant!

— Roger M.

Yep, mowing is one of my true joys, nobody bothers me, the phone doesn’t ring and when I’m done I can look and see what I’ve accomplished.

— Tim C.

Been mowing 50 years and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

— Brian H.

It’s great therapy and great exercise and when you get done you can just sit back and admire all your hard work, plus getting to soak up some sunshine… all of this is good for the soul.

— Nancy S.

I solve all the world’s problems while mowing. Of course, it takes 3 1/2 hours, so one’s brain needs to do something right?

— Greg B.

I’ve been mowing lawns since I was 10 years old, now I’m 71 and still enjoy.

— Darrell D.

I use a push mower, it cuts my grass better and takes longer so I can have peace away from my stressful job.

— Stephen P.

…love mowing my lawn…and yes I use a walk-behind…very peaceful…

— Jack H.

Who else has to grab a cold drink and admire their work when they are done?

— Josh W.

Easy Fixes for an Uneven Mower Cut

Easy Fixes for an Uneven Mower Cut

Have you ever finished mowing your lawn only to step back and notice that the cut looks uneven, like a patchwork rather than a smooth carpet of green? Fret not! This common issue can often be fixed with a few simple adjustments. Whether you're a seasoned lawn care...

Let the Joy Begin: The Seasonal Ritual of Spring’s First Mow

Let the Joy Begin: The Seasonal Ritual of Spring’s First Mow

As winter’s icy grip starts to chill out and the sun decides it’s finally time to do its job, a peculiar excitement bubbles up. It’s not just the standard spring fever; oh no, it’s the adrenaline rush of the season's first lawn mow! Dusting off the lawn mower from its...

Got the Joy of Mowing?

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Barry Allen – 96 Lawn & Garden Center in Burns, TN

Barry Allen – 96 Lawn & Garden Center in Burns, TN

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How do you deal with lawn clippings?

A. Leave them on the lawn as natural fertilizer.
B. Collect them for composting.
C. Bag them for disposal.
D. It depends on the condition of the lawn. 
E. ___________________  


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Depends on how thick they are. If the grass was long and clippings create a mat I pick them up. If short, I usually leave them. We are on an acreage, so clippings go into a compost pile to break down for future use.




A. My landlady charges way too much rent for me to give a shit about making her lawn look pretty. 😆



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🌱 Its Mowfile Season! 🌟  Mowing this weekend? Then snap a pic and  share your  #Mowfile with #JoyOfMowing! Submit yours pic 👉   


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🌱 Unlock the Potential of Your Outdoor Space with Basic Landscaping! 🌿

Dive into our guide, Basic Landscaping for Homeowners: Enhancing Your Outdoor Space, and start transforming your yard into a stunning retreat! Whether youre a beginner or a seasoned gardener, check out these insightful tips and learn practical advice to make your outdoor space truly yours.

Its more than just aesthetics; its about creating a haven for relaxation and enjoyment right at your doorstep.

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🌿 A Heartfelt Tribute to Our Mowing Mentors 🌿

Recall the first hum of the mower and the fresh scent of cut grass, guided by those we admire? It was more than mowing; it was our intro to care, discipline, and community, thanks to our family and neighbors. Today, we celebrate those who introduced us to the art of the perfect lawn. 🌱

Here’s to our mentors, whose legacy we proudly carry forward, nurturing the next generation of green thumbs. 💚 read more: 

#JoyOfMowing #MowingMentors

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🌱 Spread the Love, One Lawn at a Time! 🌱

Ever wondered how you can make a big difference with just a little effort? Its time to look no further than your own neighborhood! Dive into our article, Neighborly Lawn Care: How to Lend a Helping Hand, and discover the joy of mowing, trimming, and more, all in the spirit of community kindness. 👉 

✨ Whether its a friendly wave, a shared lemonade, or the satisfaction of seeing a well-cared-for lawn, the little things often mean the most. 

#JoyOfMowing #CommunityKindness #NeighborlyLawnCare

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Yes my son has mowed a few neighbors lawn, he's always happy to lend a hand when it comes to mowing.

1st cut of the season 2024! Woohoo felt good getting on this tractor again!


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🌱✂️ Are you tired of looking at an unevenly cut lawn? Weve all been there, and the good news is, theres a fix! Our latest article, Easy Fixes for an Uneven Mower Cut, is your go-to guide for turning that patchy lawn into a smooth, green oasis. 🌿🏡 From the simplest tire pressure checks to leveling your mower deck, we cover the bases. Plus, we share when its time to call in the pros from your local OPE dealer. Dont let an uneven cut dampen your outdoor enjoyment this season. Click the link to read more: 
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