Got the Joy of Mowing?

I love to mow the lawn!

— Debbie A.

I’ve mowed since 1962! I’ve used a power, push mower, riding mower, Super A tractor, and now a zero-turn mower.

— Rachel W.

 I love mowing the lawn! There’s a sort of Zen quality about it. Then, I grab a cold Yuengling and sit on the deck to relax and enjoy a job well done.

— Deb O.

Hi Joy of Mowing.  I enjoy the site so much…makes my day so pleasant!

— Roger M.

Yep, mowing is one of my true joys, nobody bothers me, the phone doesn’t ring and when I’m done I can look and see what I’ve accomplished.

— Tim C.

Been mowing 50 years and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

— Brian H.

It’s great therapy and great exercise and when you get done you can just sit back and admire all your hard work, plus getting to soak up some sunshine… all of this is good for the soul.

— Nancy S.

I solve all the world’s problems while mowing. Of course, it takes 3 1/2 hours, so one’s brain needs to do something right?

— Greg B.

I’ve been mowing lawns since I was 10 years old, now I’m 71 and still enjoy.

— Darrell D.

I use a push mower, it cuts my grass better and takes longer so I can have peace away from my stressful job.

— Stephen P.

…love mowing my lawn…and yes I use a walk-behind…very peaceful…

— Jack H.

Who else has to grab a cold drink and admire their work when they are done?

— Josh W.

Enhance Your Mowing: Top 5 Benefits of Zero Turn Mowers

Enhance Your Mowing: Top 5 Benefits of Zero Turn Mowers

When it comes to maintaining pristine lawns, zero turn mowers are a top choice for both professional landscapers and passionate homeowners. Known for their precision and efficiency, these mowers turn on a dime, offering unmatched maneuverability and speed. If you're...

Easy Fixes for an Uneven Mower Cut

Easy Fixes for an Uneven Mower Cut

Have you ever finished mowing your lawn only to step back and notice that the cut looks uneven, like a patchwork rather than a smooth carpet of green? Fret not! This common issue can often be fixed with a few simple adjustments. Whether you're a seasoned lawn care...

Got the Joy of Mowing?

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Barry Allen – 96 Lawn & Garden Center in Burns, TN

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🎉 Congrats on your new home! Ready to master the art of mowing? 🚜🌿 Avoid these common mowing mistakes and keep your lawn looking pristine! 🏡✨ 

+ The Buzz Cut Blunder: Don’t cut your grass too short.
+ The Dull Blade Syndrome: Keep those blades sharp.
+ The Midday Mow Misstep: Mow in the early morning or late evening.
+ Read more: 

For the best advice and equipment, visit your Local Independent Dealer. Happy mowing! 🌱 


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Congrats to all entrants!! Let's see if we get a few more joining in next Thursday!

Awesome! Thanks!


Gets hot mowing in this hot weather that hat would keep me shaded and cooler

Ryan Mitchell Brovan

I lay heaters 🔥 if you send me a hat I’ll rep your page

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Whats your go-to tip for keeping your lawn looking lush and green all summer long? 🌿

A) Regular mowing and watering
B) Using high-quality fertilizer
C) Aerating the soil annually
D) All of the above 
E) ___________________

#JoyofMowing #LushLawn

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2,4,6 hours? More? What was your longest mow?


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Only 2 hrs including edging and trimming. But I have a smaller yard and I push mow using either my 46 or 49 year old 19” Lawn-Boy mowers. Gotta keep burning my 2 stroke fuel!

2 hours give or take depending on how tall it got

I used to mow a 300 acre commercial building complex. 14 hrs of mowing only. I belive it was something like 36 or 38 curb hops. 2 fulls days on one job. Now I just mow my own.

10 acres total. 2.5 with a lawnmower, the rest with a 6' bush hog. I haven't timed it, but it's a while

10 hours one time thing. Cleaned up a school yard someone else was hired to do and made a mess of it so i baged the whole thing up. Then it only took 4 hours after that.

9 hours of mowing just 1 cemetery!

8 hrs, used to mow a drive in theater years back

It’s never over ! Fill up with gas mow on

The yard I hated most the dude wasn't a good guy then you be stuck on a riding mower like 4 or 5 hours straight no break just to hear your not fast enough mow faster so uhhh I quit that day and he lost a fence, electricity and a new mower that day

Apartment complexes 1 takes 5 hours the other 6 hours

12-14 hours With a 61” Scag Turf Tiger II.

2 hours a day, every day to keep up. 32 acres, mostly lawn.

Four hours, it was only about ten acres but it was very obviously not graded and it was waist high

It takes me 6 hours and three different mowers to mow my yard. Trimming takes another 2 hours.

8 hrs mowing 2 hrs weedeating

4 plus

10 -14 hours

2 day long. 48” f525

8 hours.

Around 4 hrs

About three hours on average, with a 54" riding model. A large yard but very irregular. I do about half, take a break, & finish up. Used to do it with a walk-behind brush mower in sections, and never seemed to finish.

On the ranch/farm.....8-10hrs a day couple days a week all summer!

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Fully restored Mustang Mowett. Video: 

#vintagemowerImage attachment

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I’ve heard that a thing of beauty will last forever. Beautiful and unique mower. Great job on the restoration.

My uncle had one of these first riding mower we had

Wear your boots! lol

Frank VanNoy

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Top NFL guard Landon Dickerson just upgraded his lawn-mowing game.

The Philadelphia Eagles lineman, who recently became the highest-paid guard in NFL history with a four-year contract extension worth up to $87 million, joked in a recent news conference that hed be spending at least some of his new riches on a new lawn mower, specifically a zero-turn model.  read:  

#joyofmowing #gravely
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