Got the Joy of Mowing?

I love to mow the lawn!

— Debbie A.

I’ve mowed since 1962! I’ve used a power, push mower, riding mower, Super A tractor, and now a zero-turn mower.

— Rachel W.

 I love mowing the lawn! There’s a sort of Zen quality about it. Then, I grab a cold Yuengling and sit on the deck to relax and enjoy a job well done.

— Deb O.

Hi Joy of Mowing.  I enjoy the site so much…makes my day so pleasant!

— Roger M.

Yep, mowing is one of my true joys, nobody bothers me, the phone doesn’t ring and when I’m done I can look and see what I’ve accomplished.

— Tim C.

Been mowing 50 years and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

— Brian H.

It’s great therapy and great exercise and when you get done you can just sit back and admire all your hard work, plus getting to soak up some sunshine… all of this is good for the soul.

— Nancy S.

I solve all the world’s problems while mowing. Of course, it takes 3 1/2 hours, so one’s brain needs to do something right?

— Greg B.

I’ve been mowing lawns since I was 10 years old, now I’m 71 and still enjoy.

— Darrell D.

I use a push mower, it cuts my grass better and takes longer so I can have peace away from my stressful job.

— Stephen P.

…love mowing my lawn…and yes I use a walk-behind…very peaceful…

— Jack H.

Who else has to grab a cold drink and admire their work when they are done?

— Josh W.

Is a Battery-Powered Lawn Mower Right for You?

Is a Battery-Powered Lawn Mower Right for You?

In the world of lawn care, battery-powered mowers have emerged as a game-changer. Whether you’re contemplating an upgrade from your traditional gas mower or are new to the realm of lawn maintenance,

Got the Joy of Mowing?

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Barry Allen – 96 Lawn & Garden Center in Burns, TN

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Edging your lawn gives it that crisp look. How often do you edge your lawn?
A. Every time I mow, sharp lines for a sharp lawn!
B. Every other mow – balance is the key.
C. Once a month

Whats your best tip for perfect edging? #joyofmowing

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I cut the edge back at an angle with a shovel and then I hit it with a gas-powered edger so that way water will drain properly into the yard and not have standing water on the sidewalk


C every other month






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🌱 Community Spirit: How often do you reach out to help with a neighboring lawn? Learn how these simple acts can make neighborhoods feel more like home: 🏡

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YES 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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🌱 How often do you sharpen your mower blades?

A. Every month
B. Once a season
C. Once a year
D. Sharpen? Wait... what? 
E. _______________.


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Once a month I use high lift blades for better stripping patterns. I also clean the deck off on e month if needed

As often as needed or 3 times a year. May-October.

As often as needed.

Several times a week and i have probably 10 sets to each of my mowers

As needed. However, I will remove them at least twice a season to put a little antiseize on the mounting hardware.

Every day

A every month

2x's a week but I'm also mowing 55/60 yards a week solo.

With my service as needed

Every 10 hours. But you don’t understand how much mowing I do. Lol

Once every 10 years

Once a week

Weekly. Regardless

About once a year

Every 2 days, around 20 yards.

C..... every year

I definitely need to do it more often 😂

I think I'm good... lol

8 to 16 hrs depending on grass wet dry

I live in the PNW so the grass in thick and green. I sharpen the blade every time I mow which is one a week. It just puts an edge on it. Not even enough to get it hot. One blade will last me two seasons.

Every week. More if needed.

Every season

Every 24-30 hrs of mowing. Which is once a week on my Zero turns, Every 2 weeks on my walkbehind and twice a year on my push mower

I have 2 sets of blades, I change mine every third time I mow. Less wear on them for me that way. Easy sharpening too

Every time I mow

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Ever hear of Ransomes? 🌿✂️ Its not just any brand; its the worlds OLDEST lawn mower brand that has been trimming our landscapes for centuries! Dive into their history PLUS salute the American pioneers who’ve shaped the mowing industry.  👉👉 

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Finding solace in the simplest acts. Experience the #JoyofMowing and feel the satisfaction. 😊🌱🌿

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🌱 #JoyofMowing is curious! As the days grow shorter and the air a bit cooler, when does your mowing season typically come to a close? Share your region and your mowing finale date in the comments! 🍂🌾

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Here in SW Wisconsin, I keep mowing as long as the grass is growing. No set date for me.

Like to mow find new reasons till. November here in. Arkansas enjoy all

Milwaukee, Wisconsin here. Usually it wraps up anywhere from the middle to end of November.

Here in S.E. Pennsylvania the mowing season has slowly gotten longer over the past 30+ years I have been mowing Use to be done just shortly into September, Now my last mows go into mid to the end of November

Central Ohio here will mow once in October and possibly a second time depending on the yard. Grass is slowed way down and we are in a drought right now so most will get one more mow mid october

Just before Christmas.

Couple more

I told my clients last week, was the last mowing run, witht the way the weather is acting, MIGHT get one more in. My lawn vac for sucking up, & mulching leaves is all ready for its fall feeding now😁

After the the first snow in NW MN

I live in zone 5 my last mow will be after the first week of October

Here in Alberta it totally depends on the weather. This year the season seems to be hanging on so probably early to mid October.


When the frost hits.

When the client says there's no need to mow with a snow covered yard! 🤣

As far as mowing grass, about the middle of October. Be mowing leaves till December. I’m in middle tn.

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Happy to report I finally found the rider I been wanting for many years and now I got the restoration project I can't wait to dive into!!! Love the old Snappys!!!

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